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where at dawg?
fuck, if i had known i would have kopped. are they on sale anywhere else?
can you lace those white mmm? i like them but i don't really dig laceless shoes
Quote: Originally Posted by Working Stiff I think the problem is that right now you're wearing the blandest outfit you could possibly wear, except that your khakis are 2 inches too short. Wear them with better pieces and they'll look cool. yeah, it was 90 out so i just put on tee, what about this? this is basically what i wore today: Quote: Originally Posted by kwoyeu agreed with kunk that they would look better if more cropped, ideally they should hit...
they're sagged pretty significantly, much less with a button down or whatever, when i'm not standing still they're a few inches higher
the pants are +j cropped chinos, got them in white too. i'm not completely sold on them, they look pretty cool i guess but what do you guys think? i was walking around today and walked by a bunch of bros and they said hey cool tight capris dude, feels bad man
can we ban him
look how mad
@ this guy trolling
Put me down as interested for Ravello Cap Toe Boot
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