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Quote: Originally Posted by kwoyeu ^those are from mmm boutique (link here, mmm e-boutqiue is yoox-powered so images all have urls) but they're the ones with textured leather (hence not permanent collection, and not the ones kinggimp picked up) they look pretty good in person though i ended up returning mine (sz 41) to ln-cc (just restocked) thanks man
Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah would be hilarious if his size was 8/41 because they were available 10 minutes ago when I directed him to that site. i'm trolling, it's me the troll you didn't link anything, you just hotlinked an image that was hosted by yoox
Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah that's from yoox dawg
yea but not in white
where at dawg?
fuck, if i had known i would have kopped. are they on sale anywhere else?
can you lace those white mmm? i like them but i don't really dig laceless shoes
Quote: Originally Posted by Working Stiff I think the problem is that right now you're wearing the blandest outfit you could possibly wear, except that your khakis are 2 inches too short. Wear them with better pieces and they'll look cool. yeah, it was 90 out so i just put on tee, what about this? this is basically what i wore today: Quote: Originally Posted by kwoyeu agreed with kunk that they would look better if more cropped, ideally they should hit...
they're sagged pretty significantly, much less with a button down or whatever, when i'm not standing still they're a few inches higher
the pants are +j cropped chinos, got them in white too. i'm not completely sold on them, they look pretty cool i guess but what do you guys think? i was walking around today and walked by a bunch of bros and they said hey cool tight capris dude, feels bad man
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