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Where are you located?
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa Whoa. Oh god I need those
Nah the house cut is a bit slimmer The lapels are slimmer, the jacket and pants are cut slimmer and come stock with frogmouth pockets (really cool) and a ticket pocket on the jacket Though if you want any of these details changed jason can hook you up, I didn't want a ticket pocket and I wanted the pockets horizontal instead of angled and he did that no problem, you can also choose the color of the jacket lining and things like that Just shoot him an email he's a...
Full canvas, they're really nice for the money
Quote: Originally Posted by Greg525 Need a new suit, going to get in touch with Jason soon and get the ball rolling. Really excited to get a TAT suit! Cool dude, thanks for the update!
Those boots fucking rule I would buy them if they were my size
Quote: Originally Posted by enigma77 Am I the only one who thinks that giant white/off-white sole is ugly? nah i hate it too
Quote: Originally Posted by vncrz Has anyone heard from Jason in the past days? I sent him an email Sunday, got an autoreply telling me to send the email again if I hadn't received a reply by Monday evening, which I did, and no reply as of today... Got an email from him last night about some trousers
PMed you about the Soho's, working this all out
I'm a little confused with sizing on these, I heard the Soho runs a little big. I wear a size 8 Clarks DB so would it be safe to order the Soho in an 8? I know everyone hates this question but there isn't anywhere nearby that carries these that I could try them on.
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