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Quote: Originally Posted by vncrz Has anyone heard from Jason in the past days? I sent him an email Sunday, got an autoreply telling me to send the email again if I hadn't received a reply by Monday evening, which I did, and no reply as of today... Got an email from him last night about some trousers
PMed you about the Soho's, working this all out
I'm a little confused with sizing on these, I heard the Soho runs a little big. I wear a size 8 Clarks DB so would it be safe to order the Soho in an 8? I know everyone hates this question but there isn't anywhere nearby that carries these that I could try them on.
Yeah those are awful
Quote: Originally Posted by sw20 Always mockable in NYC to see guys in $5K+ suits and $1K+ shoes looking uncomfortable and sweaty/smelly (or salt-covered) from their inelegant, 3rdWorld mass transit/cab/walking commute May want to spend money on more comfortable, civilized commute (via own car to a convenient office garage) before spending on costly clothes/shoes This is really, really silly
I'm interested in the Soho in black in a size 8D if possible
After reading the majority of this thread, a few on SUFU and a couple other forums I came to the conclusion that sizing down so much with the Sterlingwear was kind of a weird idea. I called and talked to people from Schott and Sterlingwear and eventually decided to buy the Schott in my actual measured chest size, it came 3 days later. I'm really very pleased with this coat. I'm a really thin guy and it's a great fit. I'm 5'9", about 140 pounds. My chest size is 32 and my...
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