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whatchu got dawg
Quote: Originally Posted by nicelynice Mitchum unscented is the best yeah, i don't understand why anyone would want to smell like something that cost 3 dollars at CVS
nah the PS look MUCH better, the NC is way too tight on the calf, never a good look
that shit wreaks, just get mitchum unscented
Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent Today, and my third Universal Works Baker's Jacket... Universal Works Levi +J Superga Are those the +j cropped chinos? what is your inseam?
Quote: Originally Posted by MikeDT You know Hermes Man for the amount you spend on clothes, you could actually buy a decent cameraphone, instead of that piss-poor iPhone knock-off you evidently use, e.g. a real Apple iPhone 4. this is a real shitty post
Quote: Originally Posted by snake Got my oiled black. Came with a nice can of leather conditioner too. For ref I sized down 1.5 and the fit is perfect. What size are you in Barrie and what size did you order?
Quote: Originally Posted by jet I love this part. Can I distress and soak a redwing to make it look like a vass u-last? but he's right
Quote: Originally Posted by Nazareth Easily one of the funniest threads to follow right now on SF. it really isn't
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