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club monaco
haha okay dude, no hard feelings, just a matter of opinion
oh yeah? you honestly don't think it would look a bit better if he was rocking hair like synth or aeg?
it looks like he is emerging out of an insect vagina
JapanAlex01 no one actually cares about anything that you have to say you think that we're all trolls but you're going around stepping game at everyone else dawg
how used are they?
just get a fuckin wood lance like what's used in a joust and stick that shit in there
Quote: Originally Posted by sinnedk its not that, ppl get annoyed when someone is too lazy to look things up themselves, but in your case you did look it up but couldn't find it anyways, pm me if you want some trickers info... yeah that's what i mean, i did google it, i even said i did people still freak out
come on man
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