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Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo You are a retard. what is your problem dude? it's totally subjective
why not just rehost the image instead of telling people to copy and paste it?
Quote: Originally Posted by ChessDan only problem is I can't seem to find them in a light brown calfskin. Shell cordovan is out of my budget. just save up, it is worth it
Quote: Originally Posted by wj4 +1. 'Hip' haircuts just don't cut it in corporate America for the most part. A couple of months ago when I was conducting interviews for prospects to join my team, I had an Asian guy showed up rocking 2 inch mohawk. He came highly recommended from a professor who I likely respect. But after the first impression, I already knew I wasn't going to hire him. (Not saying that the user is in corporate or anything, but...
club monaco
haha okay dude, no hard feelings, just a matter of opinion
oh yeah? you honestly don't think it would look a bit better if he was rocking hair like synth or aeg?
it looks like he is emerging out of an insect vagina
JapanAlex01 no one actually cares about anything that you have to say you think that we're all trolls but you're going around stepping game at everyone else dawg
how used are they?
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