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Quote: Originally Posted by jwied82 bs leather nico cardi aristolasia bag superfine sweats s2a sneakers other than sneaks being a bit too clunky imo, this fit fuckin rules. this is you, definitely.
Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh They have some longwings too. Don't know what last they are on but I'd be willing to bet they fit like those Paisleys they had on the W2298 last. Either that or the 81 last. ALMAY1 will give 25% EDIT: found em!
they fit about a size big
any word on the TOJ anniversary jacket?
Quote: Originally Posted by scott.m Yo bitch come short my bitch keep wearing heels (proenza at that.) Hyped to buy her some Margiela. what
pretty sure it's actually cement
CP CP CP CP!!!!! that's what i did, i was contemplating both
Quote: Originally Posted by herzzreh Cost is $215, to go with regular denim, "regular" color chinos/khakis and maybe shorts... Opinions? Alternatives? Budget is under $300 (+/- $50). did you forget you made this post already
Quote: Originally Posted by jwied82 i figured that was it, i hadnt really taken a straight on pic of them. They are Seraphin, the model is called Kipling These, in the tortoise/green color : wow, those are real sweet, i like the tort/green ones, really interesting
Quote: Originally Posted by enigma77 Cargo pants with dub monks, nuff said really? really? i mean brands you dingus
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