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Quote: Originally Posted by bows1 6 month old New Cures. Crotch has taken a beating. Couple different repairs. holy shit! how much did you size down on those? Quote: Originally Posted by danracer my 1 yr 8 mo old gap skinnies damn, that's impressive. were they raw when you bought them?
For me: For girlfriend:
yeah slack tide owns in that pic
oh man
you're still mad about that
Quote: Originally Posted by notwithit Agreed that your haircut is pretty damn hip. Are you in a client-facing position, though? That makes a big difference. yeah
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo You are a retard. what is your problem dude? it's totally subjective
why not just rehost the image instead of telling people to copy and paste it?
Quote: Originally Posted by ChessDan only problem is I can't seem to find them in a light brown calfskin. Shell cordovan is out of my budget. just save up, it is worth it
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