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I have a ton of the 29 dollar OCBDs in size XS and they fit perfectly in everywhere but the front length. I haven't tried the slim fit OCBD so I'm wondering if the size small slim fit would work out better than the XS regular fit.
Okay, I thought I'd post here to get an opinion. For reference, I'm 26, I work in IT for a trendy company. (Sorry for terrible mirror pics) Stick with contacts: http://i.imgur.com/k4lbaFC.jpg Warby Parker Preston - Just got these and not sold on them. Frame quality seems pretty low and the lenses aren't great either: http://i.imgur.com/rfgsh5i.jpg Shuron Sidewinders - These are 4 years old, I haven't worn them in a few years. I just tried them on again to compare, I...
did you iron the crease or was it there?
That sucks. I'll give B Nelson a call.
I emailed Alden asking what sole options they have for recrafting and they said that they only recraft with original materials. I wanted to put a commando or double waterlock sole on my longwings, but I guess this isn't an option. Didn't they used to do this? Kind of disappointing.
shit i totally forgot about this! haven't signed on in a while
pretty sure he's kidding, maybe lighten up a bit
Can anyone get a waist measurement on a pair of university chinos? 31 or 32 would be cool.
can you take some more pictures of this? i might be interested.
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