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WatHm... I just don't get why the shirts are so short in the front. I'm not tall and I have a fairly short torso. The small regular fit is way too big, but the XS fits perfectly. Bottom button is just above my waist so if the bottom of the shirt opens up at all after the last button, hot bare skin is exposed.
I have a ton of the 29 dollar OCBDs in size XS and they fit perfectly in everywhere but the front length. I haven't tried the slim fit OCBD so I'm wondering if the size small slim fit would work out better than the XS regular fit.
Okay, I thought I'd post here to get an opinion. For reference, I'm 26, I work in IT for a trendy company. (Sorry for terrible mirror pics) Stick with contacts: http://i.imgur.com/k4lbaFC.jpg Warby Parker Preston - Just got these and not sold on them. Frame quality seems pretty low and the lenses aren't great either: http://i.imgur.com/rfgsh5i.jpg Shuron Sidewinders - These are 4 years old, I haven't worn them in a few years. I just tried them on again to compare, I...
did you iron the crease or was it there?
That sucks. I'll give B Nelson a call.
I emailed Alden asking what sole options they have for recrafting and they said that they only recraft with original materials. I wanted to put a commando or double waterlock sole on my longwings, but I guess this isn't an option. Didn't they used to do this? Kind of disappointing.
shit i totally forgot about this! haven't signed on in a while
pretty sure he's kidding, maybe lighten up a bit
Can anyone get a waist measurement on a pair of university chinos? 31 or 32 would be cool.
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