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yeah i do, when i'm not banned for dissing a mod or some crap lol
thanks man for support man. i'll look into your suggestions. forgot about the whole accessorizing until now. even then, i'm thinking watching and chains.
Don't be so quick to assume, i think black and white looks pretty good to me kind of like my first shirt.I like your suggestions, thanks bro. I'll keep them in mind next time i'm at the store
can you give examples of which ones you think are good?
not here for dating advice either, just trying to look my sharpest. I could have easily said I'm trying to look impressive at business meetings or attract as much attention as I can. i believe the wears intention will have some influence on how they dress. just getting that out their
don't get it....
Not really, I've never been able to identify a particular style but I do recognize that they all look good/sharp in whatever they're wearing.Strong username to content correlation.
1. The pants in photo 1, 2, and 5 were shortened by a tailor, did they do a good job?3. Leather shoes and jeans... I don't know about this4. Shirts with collars more formal to me, too formal for streetwear imo. I'll take good look at my environment next time I'm out before I pick up one for the street5. Chino/khaki pants.... that's your military background showing lol. besides, school kids around here wear khakis as part of their uniform, with my height, people might...
anyone out there?
I don't have the ability to start new threads there it seems...
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