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Quote: Originally Posted by masterllama APCs are sanforized so they won't shrink much when soaked. you'll probably be off fine just hemming them with no soak. Yeah, don't soak them. But I would recommend that you wear them for about 2 weeks just to stretch them out and soften them up a little, that way you'll get a better idea of how they're going to drape before you get them hemmed.
Quote: Originally Posted by CEE88 I want a Sutherland-type coat this season -- a trim, narrow, shorter, not-uptight topcoat, possibly charcoal herringbone, sized NOT to have a blazer underneath -- because I want a slightly dressier, more stylish alternative to a university coat-type jacket. But it won't be the Sutherland. Unless it goes on sale for $125. I was looking for the exact same thing, hated the Sutherland fit and almost bought a Ben...
Express fitted shirts have higher armholes and darts in the back, so they fit pretty slim. Quality is less than H&M, though -- threads were coming out after just a couple wears and they really don't hold up to washing very well. Material feels weird, too, it's not soft at all. Ben Sherman makes good slim-fitting shirts that I can usually find for $30-40 at department/discount stores. I also tried on a Brooks Brothers extra slim fit shirt that fit pretty well, I'm...
This isn't an online sale, but you can get 30% off at the new Ben Sherman store in Boston (Newbury Street) if you mention their ad in the Boston Phoenix. Nice store and their stuff fits me well.
Nothing special about the men's stuff and it sounds like the leather soles on the shoes are crap. The web site warns that leather is very vulnerable to water, and actually says "we recommend that you replace the soles before using the shoes." I'm guessing they mean getting a rubber coating applied to the sole, not replacing them altogether. Pretty much all my dress shoes have leather soles, and I've been caught in the rain a few times and it hasn't been disastrous (I...
Quote: Originally Posted by kjf18999 Thanks for the reassurance Jimbo I'll wait for some more stretch. Saw you're from boston, did you pick up your NS at Stel's or Barney's? I picked mine up at the Barney's in prudential when I was in the area I went to Stel's. It was my first time in there and my first pair of raw denim, and both sales associates (co-owners, possibly?) pretty much dropped what they were doing to check out my fit and give me...
I'm the same waist, inseam, height and weight as you and I went for the NS in 29 (I actually wanted 30s but the store was out of them). They were pretty tight in the crotch and thighs at first, and after a four or five wears I was getting worried that I'd sized down too much. But I'm in the third week now and they feel perfect. Didn't soak mine, and I noticed a lot more stretching once I got out of the house and did some dog-walking and biking in them.
I was about to ask the same question about stretching in the thighs.
You're probably better off asking dress shoe questions in the Men's Clothing forum.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lel There's like seriously a 1000 threads in the MC section of the Buying & Selling forums, a simple search of Incotex should bring those up. I have trust issues and don't want to get burned if someone sells me women's trousers.
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