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Quote: Originally Posted by Napoleon Is there a .pdf of the catalog online? Not a .pdf but you can browse the March men's catalog and click on the items for more information here: http://www.jcrew.com/catalog/catalog...120703&index=1 I like some of the looks they put together for the Monocle guys.
I like the utility jacket, I haven't seen it in person though so I'm not sure about the color - "shadow"? Looks bluish on my monitor.
Yeah I'm done with trying to figure out J. Crew shirts. I like their fabrics, patterns and prices but the cuts ruin it all. The worst part is they'll pin the shirts on the models in their shoots because they know a slimmer shirt looks better on any guy who's in shape. But they can't afford to actually go ahead ahead and make a slimmer shirt because something like 70% of American men are overweight.
Thanks for the reviews, I've been looking at Wolverine boots myself and it's always nice to see more pics besides the web site. You're right that the Montgomery looks a bit less clunky, despite the lug sole. I think the other Wolverine boot I checked out (at the Tannery in Boston) was the Darby, which seemed a little dressier than the 1000 Mile or Montgomery. Pretty sure it's also made in China...did you notice much difference in quality between the US and Chinese-made...
Looks like a good fit. Now you just need to find some flat-front pants and you'll be all set. I just noticed that Brooks Brothers now offers extra slim-fit shirts in basic solid colors. They should have a nice sale after Christmas, probably 3 for $159.
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert fyi... My latest advice from Jack (I asked him about wearing a tie without a jacket): "One of my uniforms is a plain white Oxford shirt, dark-wash, slim cut jeans, a narrow black knit tie, and a pair of wingtips (no socks). This is a casual look, though, so if your office is jacket-required, throw a tweed blazer over top." For some reason I always feel the need to roll my sleeves up when I'm wearing a tie...
AEs are stiff at first but I think most models have a cork layer that softens and molds to your foot over time. For my last pair that took two months of wearing them 2-3x/week, but now they feel great. One factor that hasn't been mentioned is that leather soles sound much cooler when you're walking in lobbies or hallways.
I just tried on a pair of H&M herringbone pants and loved how they fit through the thighs and calves but they resulted in a truly obscene moose knuckle. And that's wearing 33s (I'm usually a 32 waist). If I size up to 34 they're comfortable in the crotch but baggy everywhere else. It's pretty annoying, like how J.Crew's button-downs in small fit perfectly except I need like an inch more in the chest; if I go up to medium I'm wearing a tent.
Quote: Originally Posted by a-rock I noticed my chambray came with the left (buttonhole) side of the collar flattened down same way as in the pic. Wonder if coincidence or intentionally done that way as part of the "minimal packaging" aesthetic. It's annoying but I'll prob give these shirts a wash anyway. I always see people wearing dress shirts with both sides of the collar flattened like that, as if they ironed it that way. Maybe their dry...
Quote: Originally Posted by ctrlaltelite not to toot the site's horn or anything, but valet has an upcoming feature on the line coming up soon. i'll add the link when it's posted. I love the site and read it almost daily, but I remember the post about Lands' End's varsity collar oxford touting its "trim, body-skimming fit". Not so much -- the Lands' End site calls it a "tailored fit", but the shirt has a split back yoke and "roomy back box...
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