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Lord Byron, I proposed the evening before outside the restaurant at the Eiffel Tower! Thank you for the well wishes!
So my shirt and tie were finally delivered (my sister will be bringing it to me this weekend!!!) In the meantime, here are some pics of me during my experience.....can't wait to go back again.
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl wtf, this is moron status We all get to be a moron sometime in our lives, guess this was my chance.....
I noticed this hat on Paul Stuarts website. Generally I find Paul Stuart a bit overpriced but having stuff I really liked. Anyways, is this hat overpriced? I've seen versions in stores that are cheaper but overall they seem very brittle and easy to damage. I don't know much about hat construction and would appreciate any tips or brands to look at. Thanks! http://www.paulstuart.com/product_in...SUBPRODCATID=0
Quote: Originally Posted by HHD It was double-breasted, quite a large herringbone pattern. And yes, the Styleforum standard issue C&J brown suede Tetburys. Small world! Hmm, guess I didn't look hard enough at the blazer, LOL. Yes, I also had on my brown suede Tetburys. Small world indeed!
Eustace, you are right, it was the MTM option. I didn't even want to know the full custom price! Thank you! Concordia, do you have to pay to receive the fabric book?
HHD, was it a one button Herringbone blazer and brown suede boots? If so, nice blazer! Thank you for the compliment.
The RTW were 285 euro's, the customs started at 335 Euro's, unfortunately given my neck size and body size I had to do half sized neck but full sized shirt body so that kicked it up to 390 euro. Thankfully I got 15% back on VAT so it came out to 331.5 euro for the shirt = roughly $448 US. It was considered a special purchase, I got engaged the night before and my fiance bought it for me I'm hoping the tie last a good amount of time, it didn't seem to be one of their...
First time in Paris and today was my last day. Went to Charvet to browse because I considered it one of the sights I had to see. Before it was all said and done, I ordered a custom shirt and picked up a tie to match. I can feel an addiction forming already (thankfully I think the price points will act as a good barrier). Picked a rounded spread collar (it was so new they didn't even have a catalogue number for it yet) with double button barrel cuffs and hidden front...
I'm in Paris and a place near my hotel caught my eyes with some display shoes. I went in and they had an array of whole cuts, oxfords, boots etc. They say Goodyear welted, Ypson's of Paris and London. Seemed ok, def not the highest quality but passable for a pair of daily beaters. Does anyone have experience with them?
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