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I am interested in the Fray white shirt size 15.5. Paypal address? Also is # 13 size 15.75 available? If so what are the dimensions? Thanks Michael
I am interested in pants and knitwear. What is still available? Thanks, Michael
do you have measurements? Thank you
Very interested if you can ship for $40. Thanks for considering my offer. Michael
What is the condition of this shirt? Thanks, Michael
Do you have measurements on the 101/2, length and width? Thanks
I have had a few Cruciani sweaters over the years and visited a Cruciani outlet in Italy last year, the quality of their work and fabrics are next to none. The prices here are the best I've seen. I bought one, wish the others worked for me.
Yes, Very interested. What sizes are available? Looking for medium and large.
I have this jacket and it's beautiful, paid a lot more and love it!
I visited Roberto Uglioni in may, spent an hour with him, asking every question I could think of. He is a very knowledgeable cobbler and a gentleman. He will only do business his way, which is to measure your foot himself, and do all the work. He would not let me get around this and required I return in a month for a second fitting. This I could not do and purchased a couple of pairs shoes from Bemer. The Bemer shoes are great as well and you may be able to negotiate a...
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