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Hi All, Purchased this P.Johnson Dove Grey Shirt (15.5/39) short online a few months ago, i wore it a maximum of 4 times. Details on shirt: (from website) "Unlike its dirty cousin pigeon grey, dove grey has a freshness to it that allows you to easily incorporate it into any outfit, formal or casual. Made with our Bologna cut away collar. The collar stand is 5cm high at the back and the collar 9cm in length. The cuff is a sporty single button curved cuff at 9cm long. The...
dropped for 180AUD
Dropped to 150aud
Hi, Selling my Meermin Tassle Loafers in Brown Leather Size 8 (RON last). no longer wear these as i have a pair of C&J loafers. I purchased these from Meermin directly in May 2013, and wore them maximum 10 times. I also had Topy applied to these. Will let these go for 200AUD Shipped in Australia. If you live outside of AUS and are keen, let me know. Ben
Hi All, Selling my United Arrows Navy Blazer that i picked up in Japan last year. Fantastic blazer, but unfortunately its too short for me. wore this approximately 4 times and has never been dry cleaned. Please note this cut will suit someone who is slim/skinny. Tagged Size: Large Measurements: Chest (P2P) - 20.5inch Length: 28.5inch Shoulder: 16.75inch Sleeve length: 24.5inch (from outer sleeve) Price: $120AUD Postage: 15AUD for within AUS or 35AUD for...
Thanks for the feedback guys - okay definitely not wear and tear.I was intoxicated and dancing gangham style, so definitely deserved it.I might try one last crack at the tailor see if i can have it patched up, ill just make sure i wear as a dinner suit when its dark.
Hi Guys. need your sartorial help! Spilt my pants 2 weeks ago at a Charity Law Ball, haven't had a chance to sort it out. Went to M&R Tailor here in sydney who is pretty good and he said definitely he cant fix it, i have called Rhodes and Beckett to check if i can buy another pair of pants for it. No Luck. What am i to do? do i try a few more tailors or is the rip that bad i need to just suck it up and buy a new suit? Such a fail thanks!
Correct! pretty pumped, cause i was looking for a skinny deep indigo jean. the XX-012 at BIG is a little too pricy for me.
FYI guys - they are making a Dark Indigo jean in the SK Fit, should be here in Mid october.
had my half marathon yesterday so thats 13.1 Miles 10604.7 + 13.1 = 10617.8
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