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Anything that has a colour that is not present in nature (glowing pink or blue), or when drunk is typically followed by the phrase "Mmmm, you can't even taste the alcohol!"
DDML, new haircut and steez are ace.
One of my friends had a Kryptonite lock. The thief ended up sawing through the bike rack where he had it locked and stole the bike. Because the thief ended up stealing the lock along with the bike there was no insurance payout by Kryptonite
Keeping your bike indoors whenever possible is the best option. The second best is inside a locked, secure area (some campuses and workplaces have them). The third best option is tied up to a metal bike rack that is in a high visibility area (lots of pedestrians, security cameras, etc). Never park down a low visibility alley or behind a building thinking "nobody will find my bike here". When locking outside, the U-lock is the lock of choice. I'm paranoid, so I double that...
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster I think Maker's is really at its best with Coke. That Coke better be Diet Coke.
I'm really digging SuperBobo's wheels here:
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang Are chain guards completely effective? I don't wear shorts so I don't want my trousers getting caught in the chain. I don't want to have to roll up my trousers as all the crackheads in my neighborhood will think I'm a dealer. I think chainguards are more hassle than they are worth. I've never had a bike with one, but I imagine they'd be annoying when it comes time to clean and lube the chain. Tuck...
Front baskets are easy to find and are detachable. You can also buy a rear basket, or a rack for the back, and use bungee cords to attach a milk crate for extra space, or buy some panniers.
Under $300 new won't get you much. Maybe a department store brand with plastic pedals, crappy components, and 15 lbs overweight. I think you have two options: find a second hand quality made hybrid bike for ~300, or find a beater Amsterdam-style cruiser bike for $50-100 at a second hand store, garage sale, or bike dump. For commuting, I prefer to go cheap. You rarely have to worry about it being stolen, and if it is stolen, it's only $50 gone. If you have a proper...
Voted for Lowrey, because from that angle, he looks like my clone.
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