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I forgot to thank GS for his past Oxyclean suggestion. I had some very set in collar rings on shirts that I assumed were far beyond repair... I made a "paste" from OC and water, rubbed it on the collar for a minute or two, and sit for about 10 minutes. Then, I let the shirts soak in some very hot water for a few hours. Took them out of the OC soak, and machine washed them with standard detergent, and the difference was amazing. There was still some "ring" left on one shirt...
As much as I'd love to do the Saucemaster/Bobo look, and I have tried it in the past, it's just something that's difficult for me to pull off. Not that I have a lumpy head, thank god. My thick eyebrows, square-ish head, and glasses (I can't get contacts to work) just make things look "off". However, a shaved head is amazing beneficial when you're in a rush to get out the door in the morning, and saving money on haircuts, hair products, etc. Maybe with time, I'll come to...
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Giving my German counterpart a lesson in facial muscle stretching What's your training regimen?
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 Go see a dermatologist to see if Propecia is right for you. I'm on it now. Don't know if there is a difference though. I'd like to avoid the drug and chemical route. Seems like a large waste of money too. Quote: Originally Posted by caelte Stress can cause hair loss. So I've heard. But I'm not really stressed out at the moment. I was during final exams, but I haven't been...
Don't do this: I knew a guy who passed out his home phone number to everyone in the office when he was introduced to them on the first day, along with telling them something along the lines of lets hang out after work someday... When I heard he was canned a few months ago for "inappropriate behaviour" it didn't surprise me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Edward Appleby Obviously, dip spit, everclear, and Scotch muddled in a glass with frozen FMJ bullets instead of ice and rimmed with cocaine. Garnish with a tobacco leaf.
She's hot as fuck. If she is blowing him, that guy is a dick. His hands should be on her head forcing her to blow him deeper instead of talking on his mobile. Cock.
Whoever just posted JAMC, Swervedriver, and Hellacopters, I salute you!
Quote: Originally Posted by velobran I cycle 200-300 miles per week, run 3-4 miles 4 days a week and my legs still get tired while walking up 3 flights of stairs. I don't cycle or run as much as you do, but stairs still take the wind out of me.
I'm 26. My hair is straight, and quite dense. The strands of hair aren't thick, but they aren't thin either. About 10 months ago, I started noticing my hair falling out very frequently. If I ran my fingers through my hair, I would count 5-10 strands of 1-1.5" long hair between my fingers. The hair falling out was very thin - much thinner than the majority of the hair on my head. If I ran my fingers through my hair again, another 5-10 strands would fall out. I started...
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