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Nice looking roasts gents. Never tried dry aging... I usually slow cook the cheapest roasts I can find in a crock pot. The resulting roast is incredibly tender, flavourful and juicy. Usually get a really good gravy from the drippings too and vegetables that taste like meat (the best kind). Are the benefits of a dry aged roast similar to that of a slow cooked roast?
Looking for a pair of Clarks desert boots in size 9.5 or 10 (US, not UK). Prefer sand suede, but interested in chestnut suede if you got it. Prefer condition new to very good. Nothing too worn inside or on the sole, but a little dirty on the outside is fine. Trading references available.
Smug jerks who want to know why I didn't do the Earth Hour thing. I'm all for conservation of resources, but Earth Hour is all talk, little action, no results. Just like every other celebrity-endorsed-feel-good-rally where participants can do the minimal amount of effort required and get a little badge at the end of the day to show to others that they took part, and return to their regularly scheduled over-consumption/throw-away habits the next day. Blech.
Thanks for the extra info Mugnut. After reading this thread a little more, it looks like the yearling leather doesn't stretch much - only the Kangaroo and veal leather does. In that case, I think the 9.5Gs are a better option. Still looking for some dark tan photos though. I wear my Blundstones with thicker insoles (or double insoles) too. It's a little snug with thick socks, but stretchy enough to still be comfortable. Love the Blundstones... so damn practical, but...
Eek. Kid Icarus bashing? Not cool guys. I did spend 4 hrs this weekend playing and beating The Legend of Zelda on the VC. Funny how I still remember the location of every heart/item/dungeon layout/rupee guy after these years. Didn't care at all for SSBB. Easily one of the most annoying games ever. SMG is addictive fun... the gravity aspect is amazing, and I usually cannot stand 3D perspective games. Super Paper Mario ended up being a major let-down after the first...
I prefer Gazelles, or the Chile 62s in the England 1966 colourway.
Really looking forward to seeing this.
Solarflares - Look What I Made Out of My Head Radio Birdman - The Essential Radio Birdman The Saints - Prehistoric Sounds The Undertones - Dig Yourself Deep Raveonettes - Lust Lust Lust
Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May ^I want to know what kind of camera everyone's using. I have a 6mp compact but I just can't get any real clarity out of it to the point where textures are easily visible. Lighting is usually the key. No backlighting, no direct sunlight, set the proper white balance, etc. The flash included with most cameras usually isn't enough if you're standing 10 ft away, or results in a poor distribution of light. Also...
Sup Rye.... are you making your WAYWN photos HDR now, or is it just the background/lighting that's giving the illusion?
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