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My tastes are changing from strong, sickly sweet Belgian-style ales to flat, dark and malty British-style ales. Strong Suffolk Vintage Ale really sticks out in my mind as being a winner. Hard to find though.
Alberta is easily one of the most beautiful places in Canada. Yeah, it's got some flaws, but at least it's not Ontario.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek Move to calgary if you take-up a trade. There is a huge shortage with the growth there. That's Phase 2.
Thinking about a major career and lifestyle change. Giving up on my graduate degree in economics and decent paying yet incredibly boring cubical drone job, and going to a community college to take up a skill trade or something similar. Still need to give the idea some more thought, but I'm so far feeling pretty optimistic about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by RyanLeez0r here is my TAT suit that I got not too long ago. I think maybe my front chest measurements are too large? else what do u guys thinks? My TaT suit fits the same way in the sleeves. I've been working out for a while, and now it's a really tight fit now in the chest, shoulders and upper arms.
Quote: Originally Posted by kever To get that big would be like a disability. I'm 6'6" and around 220lbs right now, and add 100lbs of muscle to get close to those guys would make sports impossible, and traveling (cars, airplanes, trains, etc.) harder than it already is at my size. To get a lot bigger I'd lose a lot of speed, quickness and jumping ability, as well as the wear and tear on knees, ankles and my back. +1 I use to be so huge, I...
Between 10th and 11th - The Charlatans
Quote: Originally Posted by schanop I visited RM Williams store on George Street last weekend and picked up a pair of comfort Craftman in Tan Bark Kangaroo leather. It's my first RM Williams boots, btw. This roo leather is in a seasonal catalogue for this Autumn/Winter. It's in a very nice shade of tan that I much prefer over the normal yearling tan / dark tan. The leather is in general significantly more grainy that the chesnut roo, and it feels...
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