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thanks for not replying to my PM
PM sent about jcrew and uniqlo
Green secret wash l/s Red Chambray l/s
is the jcrew university charcoal or black? It looks charcoal but just wanted to double check
for $130
Are there any cons to soaking them? especially since I've already started breaking them in. I don't baby them by any means but I also don't want them to look weird after I soak them since I've already worn them around a while
I have a pair of boot cut Spurr's that I have worn for a month now and I love them. I have not soaked them and to my knowledge they are sanfordized. The inseam is too long (i cuff them about too inches and they still stack a bit) and I could wear them without a belt but they would sit lower than I prefer so I just leave a belt question is: based on the above, do I stand to gain or lose anything from a hot soak or two?
10.5 still 4 sale? long read but interesting for anyone headed to Dubai
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