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Quote: Originally Posted by Threak 514's are a great cut, very versatile leg opening, and the 34 inseam sounds perfect for me. Agreed, I've tried on 501, 511, 512, 527, and 505 and 514 are by far my favorite cut..slim but not skinny and the leg opening is not flared but doesn't hug the ankle. You said you had the much did they stretch? I usually wear a 31 in levi but im worried that with a 31 in the selvedge they will stretch to...
Just saw these... thinking about ordering a pair, anyone have any info?
how much for the small giant navy ginham and the medium giant gunmetal gingham in the other post? PM me with a price if you don't want to post here
Quote: Originally Posted by underwearer they twist because they are unsanforized. The twist is part of the appeal of STF. Elvis' had the twist and now you can too! Read this: great link Quote: Originally Posted by gdc_2008 I bought a pair of 32x36...usually a 32x32. I thought 32x33 would be fine...I've soaked them twice now, and then threw them in the dryer even because they...
all of you should consider yourselves lucky, the closest J.Crew to me is 2 and a half hours away and I have only been able to go there once...anyways, I missed out on the gunmetal giant gingham secret wash l/s button up and I really want it but it is back ordered, if anyone has it in a small or a medium in good condition i'll gladly pay you for it.
PM sent about dukes
^^^if he doesnt take the gray oxford I want it.
Quote: Originally Posted by chiamdream ^ Really nice fit. agreed
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Not I. helpful....really
has anyone seen the midnight in person?
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