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Quote: Originally Posted by JMRouse I like it overall. I'm just tired of epaulets at this point, so I wouldn't buy it because of those. Having said that, SW&D seems to hate BR so you won't get a lot of appreciation for them around here. I was looking at that jacket today, I like the look a lot and if it fit well it would be nice. But keep in mind we are in March and depending on where you live you might not get but a month or so wear...
anyone know how Ever denim sizing is? vanity or true to size? i'm trying to decide between ordering a 30 or a 32. If the 30 is a measured 15 inches across theyll be too small.
Quote: Originally Posted by won0503 measurement on thin finns please ^^^
pics on the pink oxford?
still available?
any pics that arent so zoomed in?
pm sent
bump for great denim at a great price. buy these jeans!
anyone that ordered a Lova buttonup from Gilt during the final sale in a Medium that wants to sell it for cash PM me
I thought I might regret passing on the red chambray but now I'm definitely glad I passed on it.
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