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Roger Sterling > Don Draper
Quote: Originally Posted by a-rock Just got email from Gap this morning... bring in a pair of old denim and 30% new pair. In-store only though. Nice of them to get old jeans off the streets as old jeans are causing much harm to our neighborhoods. old pair of gap jeans or any old pair of jeans?
Quote: Originally Posted by meauounji what's so special about the mad men edition?
definitely should've mention that: flat front pants...2 button jacket..This would be a great suit to have for a business setting on a day to day basis. The pants fit well in the top block. If I were to keep the suit I would have the pants tapered from the knee down but that would be my personal opinion. I'll get the pics up soon
SOLD Bought this off another member on SF. I would keep it but I actually found something at BR that fits me better and they're almost identical. It is a brand new without tags Michael Kors suit. Price - $70 + shipping. color: dark navy w/ subtle pinstripe tagged jacket size 38S (will fit someone in between 38S and 38R) pants : 32 (unhemmed) 100% wool measurements shoulders 17.75" sleeve length 24" w/ 1.5" to be let out length 30.5" pants waist across...
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya A very serious price drop just took place on the remaining pairs of the Real Japan Blues 105BSP jean: great price
Quote: Originally Posted by karl winslow info?
Does anyone have measurements for the slim fit jacket in a small or medium? Also, what material is the stretch slim fit jacket made of? is it a 2/3 polyester 1/3 viscose blend?
^^^ looking for a black howe blazer that could double as a trendy suit jacket. peak lapels preferred but not necessary. most i've seen are like 66% polyester which is what i'm looking for
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