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where could i buy an inexpensive(under $25) pink linen pocket square?
Most of the guys at your prom will probably be wearing rented tuxedos in white or black with really bright (and usually obnoxious) colors. If you want to stand apart without sticking out I would recomend a charcoal or navy suit that fits you well. I wouldn't drop $600 on the suit, I would probably limit myself to $300-400 for everything and then put some money towards alterations and whatever you have left...use it on your date's dinner. with that being said, for your...
Quote: Originally Posted by Timbaland Sorry I didn't check the website so I didn't know they call their blazers jackets. I picked up the +J slim fit blazer in size medium. I can give you the measurements on that if you like. Not sure how it compares size wise to the non +J one though. yeah i'd appreciate the measurements, I would guess the only difference between the "slim fit blazer" and "slim fit jacket" is probably the length.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ibrock nope, mine goes left and i'm right handed... same here
Quote: Originally Posted by Timbaland Thats a pretty broad statement. What are you talking about? +J or regular line? Which jacket? I got a +J blazer (slim fit) and it is made of polyester and cotton blend. sorry, it is called the "slim fit jacket" and it looks like a regular suit jacket. It also looks identical to the "slim fit blazer". It is this one.. I emailed uniqlo customer service last week and still havent heard back
I am interested, can u post a close up pic to show the pattern?
Quote: Originally Posted by travisttt Is friends and family next week then? i sure hope so.. i like this piece, not for retail but it is nice nonetheless
14 inch half bicep???
Quote: Originally Posted by dropout5 hmmm...on a fashion basis or personality? i would argue both. Don is a prick.
Quote: Originally Posted by robertorex amazing price on these, can't believe people are sleeping on them. seriously...i've got size 31 spurr bootcuts only 4 months in...these are great jeans...seriously people buy these you will not be disappointed
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