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Seeing as how their isn't a J.Crew anywhere in my state (Arkansas)...BR is one of the only places in the mall I ever see anything I would even consider wearing...with that being said I own like 5 things from there. Jeans- terrible Suits - tailored fit fits well but theyre overpriced at retail shoes - awful dress shirts- even the slim fit is too big casual shirts- sub par fabrics what they do well: outwear (sometimes)...tees (if they didn't shrink)
Quote: Originally Posted by bowvalley2000 br sucks insightful and thought-provoking
BR is running a 40% off 2 items today only if you're on their emal list. It is an individualized coupon code otherwise I would post. I ordered the black and brown suede DBs for $130 shipped.
PSA: BR is having a 40% off two reg. priced items if you are on their email list. I just ordered two pairs of clarks desert boots for $130 shipped With that being said, I'll contribute to this thread...I like BR's tailored fit and heritage collection but everything else is either ugly or fits weird. I did get a full suit (tailored fit) on final sale for $90 total and after $30 in alterations it fits perfectly.
I guess I am just cheap this is the most I could imagaine spending suit:400 (including alteration costs) jeans: 200 Button up: 70 T-shirt:30 Sneakers :80 Dress Shoe: 150 My everyday is usually just jeans w/ sneakers and a t-shirt or casual button up (college student FWIW)
Quote: Originally Posted by GQ1 H&M has "Buy One, Get One Free" deal on slim fit shirts priced at $24.95 each. Good, classic styles in stripes and gingham available. If you are talking about the slim fit dress shirts that are folded up that is a very good deal. I paid $40 for one from the flagship store
is the red polo jacket like a track jacket? or more of a heavier weight jacket?
saw this last night, some idiot in the comments section below actually asked what kind of shoes the model was wearing in the picture
Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll You'd probably still have enough room in there for one more. are you implying you would like to join him?
What is the width measurement on the Henry Jacobson # 7?
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