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I have a size 48 all black 2011 TOJ1 looking to sell it or trade for something in a size 50.
Just saw my pic got flipped...not sure how..anyways. I've had some ?'s about my height/weight . I'm 5'10, 165 and the jacket is a stock 48
TOJ1 2011, all black everything. Love the fit. It is a stock 48 and fits a little snug but I think it will loosen as I wear and break it in.
PM sent
I am interviewing for an internship at a large national accounting firm. The day before I am flying into the city and as far as I know going straight to dinner from the airport. My question is: should wear a suit for the travel and dinner? or should I wear something less dressy?
phaseshift, is that Orient very heavy? I really like it but I can't stand heavy metal watches
measurements on the topman blazer?
I received a postcard from BR advertising a 40% off on everything regular priced instore and online. If you have a BR, Gap, or Old Navy card you should be able to use the code "PRESALE" to get 40% off some Clarks DBs. They are not listed as an exclusion.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cheese1 My girlfriend works for BR so she's buying me a pair for 50% off. It sucks that BR gets hated on a lot around here since I could get a lot of their stuff really cheap Don't worry about what other people on here think. BR has a lot of pieces that would be great buys with 50% off if you buy the proper size. I generally have to size down with most of their tops. Just go in and try some stuff on with an open...
Ordered the Matte Black DBs off of David Z as soon as I saw them. They fit the same as all the other Clarks i've tried on. I ordered a 9.5 and I am usually a size 10 (10.5 in sperry). Hope the sizing helps. Took some pics with the Iphone. I really love the fact that they have the natural sole. The all blacks I've tried on were just...too black. on break at work..
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