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Older... Exorcist 1 and 2 Amityville Damien Omen 1 and 2 Nightmare On Elm St Original w/Johnny Depp Newer... Quarantine...insane ending. The Descent...claustrophia to the max. And the one where people are in hypre sleep on a ship as Earth was destroyed. Two guys wake up to man evolving into serious blood thirsty creatures. The ship had every known species of pland and animal life.
Depeche Mode MUSE Beastie Boyz Metallica Weezer
Not the best of all time...But probably one of the most "CLUTCH" player of all time. When the game is on the line he usually makes the best decision; and he comes up with the key hit.
Where does the dirty vodka martini, straight up rank?
Fight On!!!! Go Trojans!
Yes if it were near the beach...Like in Anchor Bay in Nor Cal...or in So-Cal.
Faded sides can make your face appear thinner...Younger, I'm not so sure.
Cell phone in bathroom stalls for the loss.
Quote: Originally Posted by jonglover Texted my (sports journalist) cousin who says yes, they'll be splitting carries. Then I say CJ...he'll get more touches therefore more chances for scoring.
I don't play video games...but watch tv.
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