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i usually get maker's mark manhattans when in busier clubs/bars. if movement isn't an issue, dirty ketel one martinis.
I have them in Chili and love them.
Anyone have any tips on removing large amounts of dog hair from a suit without having to take it in for dry cleaning? I'm not sure if a lint remover is safe for this purpose, but am leery about getting any suit dry cleaned. If I do take it in for dry cleaning, how badly will this affect the suit (it's a BB 1/2 canvassed suit, never been dry cleaned before)? Thanks in advance.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason I'm hardly sore, just my shoulders from the C&J. I don't think it's jumping in too deep at all, I'll try it again today and see if my HR is lower. If I break something, I'll buy you a coke. You know, doctors are always the worst patients. That heart rate is extremely high, in fact it's your max heart rate at that age (assuming you're in your 20s). I'd just do cardio in the 130-150 range for a couple weeks...
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas YSL Rive Gauche PH today. It's nice in it's quietly-sitting-in-the-corner way. This is a cologne that admires drapes as other people chat in the middle of the room. But it's growing on me. i've never really been able to appreciate this one. it just smells like gillette shaving foam to me. sillage is good, not too overpowering, and the longevity is good but the scent is just meh imo.
braun pulsonic is the best if you're going that route. it's about as good as it gets for an electric.
what is everyone doing about the taint and buttcrack? (assuming you're straight/not a bottom) if you trim it, at least in my case, it's longer than the hair on my hamstrings which looks odd. so then you're left with trimming the entirety of the legs and i'm not necessarily comfortable taking it that far. thoughts?
I think shaving it would look good on you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tomasso My nephew, who's in college, wears these BrooksEase separates. Modestly priced and of decent construction, they handle his 14 in. drop () fairly well. +1. 44/32 here and the BrooksEase separates work great for me.
Thank you everyone for your advice! Joe, I'm going to give Ava Salon a shot. I really appreciate your tip.
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