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Quote: Originally Posted by Roark I have that jacket and I think it's fantastic. The model and pictures on the site don't present the jacket very well. I bought it a size down to wear atop shirts and sweaters at most (no suits). The fit is great, the fabric is wonderful and I like the length. I've gotten compliments from the likes of many people who were surprised that it was a BB purchase. The comments that BB isn't what it once was are generally...
Quote: Originally Posted by forex Any word on 26 Dec. sale? I wonder what it is going to be like as I have bunch of things in my cart. I honestly doubt they'll have all that much left by that point this year. It looks like they've cut production (wisely) in anticipation of a slow shopping season during the economy and will sell almost everything.
Quote: Originally Posted by I. Gentantithesis Did you hover your mouse connected pointy thing over Saxxon? Brooks has a multimillion $ contract with Oz or NZ producers of this 17 micron merino wool which is processed and woven by Loro Piana for Brooks. That partially answers the first question, the remainder one shan't address. Are you implying that it is of reasonably high quality?
40% off all outerwear today only. Are the cashmere golden fleece in Navy or the single-breasted trench worth it at these price points?
Just wondering if anyone could provide input here. Also, would it be warm enough for a relatively cold winter, or should I go with cashmere instead?
I see this suit has a 7 drop. Would it be possible for a decent tailor to take in the waist 3 inches and have the trousers still look respectable? (I'm a 10 drop).
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo The sole looks really slippery on these. They sell a version with the commando sole-I think I'm going to get that pair.
Can anyone speak to the quality of this BB coat? Can I do better at that pricepoint? Do you think it would be appropriate to wear this coat over just business casual attire in addition to suits ? (ie, sweaters or just OCBDs underneath). The BB website makes it look like the Regent fit is a bit more form fitting-should I go ahead and get a 46 if I wear a 46 in a suit or just go ahead and get a 44? In addition,...
Just bumping one last time in case anyone can help me out with a coat in this category.
Quote: Originally Posted by stant62 I highly recommend getting a blazer with darts with your significant drop (I'm a drop 10 and sacks just don't work for me no matter how much I appreciate "trad"). The BB blazer is a good value during their semi-annual sales. Thanks for the advice. It looks like JPress does actually have a darted blazer on their site, although I don't know how darted it actually is.
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