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Just wondering if anyone could provide input here. Also, would it be warm enough for a relatively cold winter, or should I go with cashmere instead?
I see this suit has a 7 drop. Would it be possible for a decent tailor to take in the waist 3 inches and have the trousers still look respectable? (I'm a 10 drop).
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo The sole looks really slippery on these. They sell a version with the commando sole-I think I'm going to get that pair.
Can anyone speak to the quality of this BB coat? Can I do better at that pricepoint? http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP...ult_color=Grey Do you think it would be appropriate to wear this coat over just business casual attire in addition to suits ? (ie, sweaters or just OCBDs underneath). The BB website makes it look like the Regent fit is a bit more form fitting-should I go ahead and get a 46 if I wear a 46 in a suit or just go ahead and get a 44? In addition,...
Just bumping one last time in case anyone can help me out with a coat in this category.
Quote: Originally Posted by stant62 I highly recommend getting a blazer with darts with your significant drop (I'm a drop 10 and sacks just don't work for me no matter how much I appreciate "trad"). The BB blazer is a good value during their semi-annual sales. Thanks for the advice. It looks like JPress does actually have a darted blazer on their site, although I don't know how darted it actually is.
Any new thoughts? Also, can anyone speak to the quality of the J Press navy blazer? Is it acceptable, or should I pay the extra $300 for the BB iteration?
Quote: Originally Posted by nohomo You're a drop 12? Anyways, the Burberry trenchcoat is usually TTS if you wear a jacket underneath, so size down if you want to wear without a jacket. Yeah, 12 drop. Thanks for the advice on the Burberry trench. Do you know whether $399 is a good deal for a lightly used one on ebay?
I am looking for a herringbone topcoat, something along the lines of this, http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Browse/Mens...9853/99853.jsp but less casual and maybe higher quality. I would like something that I can wear both with jeans/sweaters and with a suit underneath. I'm about a 46 jacket with 34 waist so I'd like something with a fit that displays that a bit. Also, can anyone advise as to the fit of a Burberry trenchcoat? If I wear a 46 as my suit jacket size would a 44...
Thanks for the tips guys.
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