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So I bought this suit, and will need to do a recut and take in 2-3" on the waist as the trousers are much too large. Will a BB tailor do this for free since I purchased it from them online? (I seem to recall that tailoring is complimentary with purchases of their suits).
Thank you both.
I really wish BB would increase their inventory just a bit. I would have picked up the Peal Monk Straps in Brown.
I have searched through the old threads but every one seems to reference the elite, expensive tailors in this city. Does anyone know of someone who can do an adequate job on a suit and sportcoat while keeping the price relatively low (ie, no Oak Street, Despos, Gold Coast, etc)?
Quote: Originally Posted by Roark It shouldn't be too bulky... I bought that coat specifically for a very tight form fit. Buy your correct size should be fine. The regent cut on that jacket is very flattering and cuts inward noticeably... should not be bulky. The jacket is really warm with a very soft hand. I travel up and down the east coast and it has been more than enough thus far. I don't anticipate any warmth issues. Thanks again, sir....
Quote: Originally Posted by Racove all black Sorel 1964s. by far the best looking option in the snow boot category. its only $100. i might get a pair myself. I agree and just picked up a pair of them in black myself.
Quote: Originally Posted by Roark I have that jacket and I think it's fantastic. The model and pictures on the site don't present the jacket very well. I bought it a size down to wear atop shirts and sweaters at most (no suits). The fit is great, the fabric is wonderful and I like the length. I've gotten compliments from the likes of many people who were surprised that it was a BB purchase. The comments that BB isn't what it once was are generally...
Quote: Originally Posted by forex Any word on 26 Dec. sale? I wonder what it is going to be like as I have bunch of things in my cart. I honestly doubt they'll have all that much left by that point this year. It looks like they've cut production (wisely) in anticipation of a slow shopping season during the economy and will sell almost everything.
Quote: Originally Posted by I. Gentantithesis Did you hover your mouse connected pointy thing over Saxxon? Brooks has a multimillion $ contract with Oz or NZ producers of this 17 micron merino wool which is processed and woven by Loro Piana for Brooks. That partially answers the first question, the remainder one shan't address. Are you implying that it is of reasonably high quality?
40% off all outerwear today only. Are the cashmere golden fleece in Navy or the single-breasted trench worth it at these price points?
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