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Quote: Originally Posted by Scrumhalf +1 on both counts. If I were traveling to the same location, I would definitely looking into arranging something with the hotel so that you can leave a big suitcase there over the weekend. However, in general, I totally agree that going carry-on only is the way to go. I used to check bags in all the time but I haven't over the last 2 or 3 trips I have made and the difference is amazing. I got the Air Boss. ...
So I'm basically right in between a 34 and a 35 in sleeve length, and right now with the way my suit jackets are tailored I am showing around 1.25" of cuff with an OTR 35" shirt, which I think looks odd. Would it be pretty easy for me to walk into any drycleaner/alterations place and just tell them to take .5" off the sleeve? Any chance they could screw up such an apparently easy procedure?
This may have already been addressed, but how do I wash raw denim without losing color? I followed the directions I read in some other threads and used dark Woolite and hung them to dry, while washing them inside-out, and they still lost some color. Any way to avoid this? Also, can anyone recommend some non-raw denim that is dark enough and loose enough to fit a guy with a more muscular physique? (I have 26" thighs and a relatively large backside)
Rush and Division with nice clothing on a Saturday night?! You're a bolder man than I, although I suppose at that point you wouldn't care if Jager gets spilled all over you shoes.
Yeah, if FIH gets v-necks I'd order from them but I don't wear crewnecks.
Quote: Originally Posted by kingyouth I didn't hear it from a salesman, per se. I work for Brooks. I just figured I'd help everyone out with the guessing of what is coming next. IMHO, I don't see what will be left for our Semi-Annual Sale. If other stores are like the one where I work, people better get what they want now. Unfortunately, I don't know what the promos will be for SAS yet, but it is almost becoming a first come, first serve...
Quote: Originally Posted by Intelligent Design Unlucky afo. Top marks on not making a move on a married woman. Yeah I'd grade him inversely, but whatever.
Quote: Originally Posted by kingyouth I can't remember what is going on Thursday or Friday, but Saturday is all sport coats and blazers 40%, as well as all dress trousers 40%. That will be a huge day. Did you hear that from a store salesman? Today is cufflinks. At this rate, what will be left in stock for the semi-annual sale??
I say rock the Bellagio polo
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff im not sure if they do, they may offer the basic tailoring services for full retail purchased suits. lot of stores dont do complimentary tailoring for sale /clearance items. also recut is not a basic tailoring service such as taking in the waist, altering the hems and sleeves. Thanks sho'nuff. Do you think the trousers would still look respectable after a 2-3" recut? I want to keep the suit since I...
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