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Is this really a 3 roll 2? I'm considering it, but don't like the high button stance if I button the top button.Also, it's been reduced to $790. Is it a steal at that price?
Does anyone know if brooks brothers allows customers to "mix and match" their off the rack suits? (I.e., to purchase, say, a 42R suit and a 40R suit and keep the 42R jacket and the 40R trousers while returning the 42R trousers and 40R jacket?) This would be helpful, as I have a 10 drop and nothing is really fitting me off the rack. Thanks.
Thanks, Steve. I'm coming around to that viewpoint, as well. To that end, can anyone recommend a good MTM tailor in Chicago around the $1500 pricepoint? I was considering the Hickey Freeman store, but am open to all suggestions.
One other issue apart from the drop might be arm size. I have 16.5" arms, and I'm not sure that the Oxxford 1220, with its supposedly more tailored cut, would fit from that standpoint, either.
No, the 44 is a minimum, and most 44s usually even fit a little tight on me. I'm sort of in between a 44 and a 46, truthfully. Do you think they could take in the trousers about 2" without doing a recut or making them look awkward? Also, can you speak to the fit of the Oxxford 1220 more generally? I think I read it has more of a modern, tailored cut than, say, the BB Madison line. Thanks for your help.
So I've heard...but what I was hoping to do was pick up an Oxxford 1220 suit off ebay for around $800 and have a tailor go to work, hopefully saving me some money (and time) over the MTM option.
I wear a 44 jacket and buy 35" waist pants. So far I've just been buying separates, but I'm now looking to buy a nicer Canali or Oxxford OTR suit. I think both of these suits are 6 drop OTR. Can anyone speak to whether I'd be able to take in an Oxxford 1220 line suit 3 inches in the waist without destroying the pants? Could I do the same with the Canali suit? Thanks!
Can anyone here speak to the quality of Richard James products generally and/or their coats specifically? I'm considering buying this one:
Hi, Could anyone tell me roughly what price I'm looking at to have a MTM suit made at the Hickey Freeman store in Chicago? I'd like to stay around $1500, if possible. Thanks.
Bought both. Thanks, OP.
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