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No, the 44 is a minimum, and most 44s usually even fit a little tight on me. I'm sort of in between a 44 and a 46, truthfully. Do you think they could take in the trousers about 2" without doing a recut or making them look awkward? Also, can you speak to the fit of the Oxxford 1220 more generally? I think I read it has more of a modern, tailored cut than, say, the BB Madison line. Thanks for your help.
So I've heard...but what I was hoping to do was pick up an Oxxford 1220 suit off ebay for around $800 and have a tailor go to work, hopefully saving me some money (and time) over the MTM option.
I wear a 44 jacket and buy 35" waist pants. So far I've just been buying separates, but I'm now looking to buy a nicer Canali or Oxxford OTR suit. I think both of these suits are 6 drop OTR. Can anyone speak to whether I'd be able to take in an Oxxford 1220 line suit 3 inches in the waist without destroying the pants? Could I do the same with the Canali suit? Thanks!
Can anyone here speak to the quality of Richard James products generally and/or their coats specifically? I'm considering buying this one: http://www.mrporter.com/product/162322
Hi, Could anyone tell me roughly what price I'm looking at to have a MTM suit made at the Hickey Freeman store in Chicago? I'd like to stay around $1500, if possible. Thanks.
Bought both. Thanks, OP.
I'm looking for a relatively affordable (max ~$1500) but decent quality MTM suit in Chicago. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
Has anyone else noticed that the cut of BB trousers seems to have changed markedly over the past 3 years. I have always purchased the Madison fit and have noticed the cuts have become slimmer over the past 2 seasons (while my size has remained the same). They have also switched to white for the interior pocket color and lining, which is visible (and unsightly) when sitting. This is pretty disappointing, and has me considering switching to another brand. Can anyone...
So the kicker hasn't ended. Can anyone answer this?
How come the discounts aren't showing up for me at checkout when I purchase 3 slim fit shirts?
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