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The inventory on the website doesn't update in real time. A lot of what appears in stock at first blush isn't actually in stock, but you only discover this after you enter your cc info and go through the bulk of the checkout process. It's annoying.
Can one apply the 15% off corporate membership discount to the "everyday value" deals? (I.e., the 3 shirts for $219, 2 gabardines for $240, etc.) I logged in through my corporate membership page yesterday and it wouldn't apply the additional discount. For some reason, I recall the discount being applicable in the past.
Sidebar: why have the prices of BB sweaters jumped skyward so significantly this year? Bad year for wool? I don't think oil/transport prices jumped up that much...
Delray in burnished brown IMO
Ordered it, and have to say that it's quite wide. I have a rather narrow foot, but wear a 12 D in every AE lace-up I have. I got these in an 11.5 D, and while the length was ok, they were very wide and had some significant heel slippage. I'd reorder an 11.5 or 12 B, but didn't care for the styling as much in person.
I'm an 11 drop and found a good tailor who does a nice job recutting the pants with Canali and Corneliani OTR suits. I think the key is finding a competent tailor - if you can do that, you should be good to go OTR. You will have to do a recut, though, so make sure they don't just take the waist in, or the pants will look ridiculous.
Is this really a 3 roll 2? I'm considering it, but don't like the high button stance if I button the top button.Also, it's been reduced to $790. Is it a steal at that price?
Does anyone know if brooks brothers allows customers to "mix and match" their off the rack suits? (I.e., to purchase, say, a 42R suit and a 40R suit and keep the 42R jacket and the 40R trousers while returning the 42R trousers and 40R jacket?) This would be helpful, as I have a 10 drop and nothing is really fitting me off the rack. Thanks.
Thanks, Steve. I'm coming around to that viewpoint, as well. To that end, can anyone recommend a good MTM tailor in Chicago around the $1500 pricepoint? I was considering the Hickey Freeman store, but am open to all suggestions.
One other issue apart from the drop might be arm size. I have 16.5" arms, and I'm not sure that the Oxxford 1220, with its supposedly more tailored cut, would fit from that standpoint, either.
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