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i've narrowed it down to 2 for my final selection of sneakers to wear for the fall/winter up here in dc. which do you prefer? (1) (2) i want a more earthy, natural tone for the fall and winter. thanks!
i want those green onitsukas. does anyone know where i might be able to find them? EDIT: nevermind, found them on zappos.
i just picked up these: the quality should be better than the lumianis you posted and the look is good.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart The pocket is easy to remove, I just did it to one of my shirts. I cut the stitches from the inside and once you get it started it only takes about 5 min to remove it. Keep in mind when you're done you'll see a ghost of where the pocket was which should be gone after you wash it (or just iron it out) but the one thing that might make you want to leave the pocket on is that you'll see the faint holes where the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart haha, yea funny thing is it looks like the Pringle logo, so maybe others will think it's Pringle and be inwardly impressed I actually thought about removing the chest pocket, not because of the logo because it doesnt bother me, but I dont like my buttonups shirts to have pockets. how would you go about removing the chest pocket? just cut it out with some scissors? i'm afraid i'm going to end up...
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart I think it's this one but the stores have other fabrics that arent on the website that are more interesting. If yer smaller than a 38 chest, there wont be a size small enough but a S fits me well enough. i saw that shirt at my local target the other day, jason, but what threw me off was the little mossimo logo on the shirt pocket. i have a...
i'm looking for a peacoat that offers decent quality and has a fairly slim fit. some of ther other posts here have suggested that sterlingwear makes a nice peacoat. i'm a little confused though since their site seems to offer 4 different models: the authentic, classic, navigator, and mariner. does anyone know which (if any?) offer a slimmer fit? how boxy are their peacoats? thanks in advance!
i think i'm going to end up going with these: they're in my price range and they look pretty good. thoughts?
what do you all think about these ones by the same company? they seem a little more adventurous:
bump what do you all think about how it looks? good for a college/classroom environment?
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