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This may have been covered elsewhere in this thread, but I couldn't find a post on point in my brief search. Last year, I recall that BB had a "40% off on a certain category" type of sale for about a week in December. (I.e., one day 40% off sweaters, another day 40% off outerwear, etc.) Does anyone know when that sale will occur this year, or whether it will occur at all?
^^ Can anyone speak to the fit of Caruso suits compared to Canali and Corneliani? I have 17" arms and a large chest and am concerned that a 46R in those labels might not fit me here. Thanks.
Heads-up - Neumoras are 20% off on Amazon today with code.
How is the fit of the Caruso suits? As a baseline, I wear a 46R in Canali and Corneliani, but a 46R Zegna Trofeo is too tight in the arms and chest (I have a strong build). Would I probably be ok with one of the 46R 7 drops among the Caruso suits? Thanks.
I'd get the Cognac or the Brown, in that order. I ordered the Natural a year ago and it was very light. I applied a coat of Obenauf's to the pair, and they now have a pretty nice look that roughly approximates the Cognac. I think the lightness of the Natural contrasts too much with darker denim and pants. I would actually say it's the least versatile of the three.
WTF is with the obscene sweater prices this year? I guess cashmere is the same as it usually is, but some of the items seem way over the top pricewise.
Thanks, Eustace. This is very helpful!
Hmmm...why are you an idiot? Do you have experience with leather briefcases?
Can anyone speak to the quality of these briefcases? I'm looking for something more formal than Filson, Saddleback, et al around the $400-$600 (not ready for SAB yet) price point and like the look of their stuff. Thanks.
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