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I recently purchased a Canali suit off Yoox at a deep discount. The suit itself is great - staple light grey color, summer weight, etc, BUT there appears to be a large hole in the fabric of the left front pocket. (Please see the picture.) Is this something that a tailor can repair by taking some fabric from another area of the suit? (Perhaps from the bottom of the pants after shortening?) I would hate to have to return the suit, but I cannot wear it as it is. Thanks!
Thanks much to you both!
Any recommendations on where I can find a tailor who can turnaround a suit that needs only modest alterations (hem pants, bring in waist of pants and jacket a bit) in Chicago in about a week? My usual tailor in the city (who actually does pretty good work) is quoting me 2.5-3 weeks and even getting him to concede that was like pulling teeth. Is there anyone who can turn things around a bit more quickly? I would be willing to pay a "rush fee," as well, if that speeds...
To what extent can I trust the tailors at a SuitSupply location (Chicago, specifically) to get the alterations correct? The prices for tailoring seem cheap compared to my tailor, and the turnaround time is pretty quick, but I'm curious to know their skill and whether or not the sales associates generally do the pinning correctly. (I would rather my suits not be too tight and have a concern that they gear their tailoring in that direction.)
This. They look like Chili on the website, but they are really brown. They are awesome and easily the coolest shoes I own. Fit is true to size compared to AE Park Avenues for me. Great shoe.
LOL WTF, isn't that combo like $4500?
We wouldn't have to do this if Brooks would actually process online returns in any sooner timeframe than 4-5 weeks . . . I'm not going to have those kind of balances sitting around on my credit cards for that long.
Does anyone know if I can do a Return/Rebuy on Boxing Day to take advantage of the sale? I bought two pairs of Peal shoes (1 worn, 1 unworn, same style) and want to keep both. Can I take one or both back to a BB store on the 26th and get the discount?
Go to and find a Corneliani blazer. I picked up the one I have off there last year for around that price in a year-round weight. Full-canvassed, pick-stitching, etc. Looks great.
I have a pair of AE Cambridge Cordovan wingtips that I polished myself for the first time yesterday. I used Renovateur and then applied the Sapphir No. 8 creme polish. The color and shine looks pretty good. HOWEVER, apparently my buffing with a microfiber cloth ripped off some of the stitching on top of the shoe! (Specifically, the stitching around the broguing on the top of the captoe of the right foot.) Frankly, it doesn't look good...I had to take a scissor to it...
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