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This. They look like Chili on the website, but they are really brown. They are awesome and easily the coolest shoes I own. Fit is true to size compared to AE Park Avenues for me. Great shoe.
LOL WTF, isn't that combo like $4500?
We wouldn't have to do this if Brooks would actually process online returns in any sooner timeframe than 4-5 weeks . . . I'm not going to have those kind of balances sitting around on my credit cards for that long.
Does anyone know if I can do a Return/Rebuy on Boxing Day to take advantage of the sale? I bought two pairs of Peal shoes (1 worn, 1 unworn, same style) and want to keep both. Can I take one or both back to a BB store on the 26th and get the discount?
Go to yoox.com and find a Corneliani blazer. I picked up the one I have off there last year for around that price in a year-round weight. Full-canvassed, pick-stitching, etc. Looks great.
I have a pair of AE Cambridge Cordovan wingtips that I polished myself for the first time yesterday. I used Renovateur and then applied the Sapphir No. 8 creme polish. The color and shine looks pretty good. HOWEVER, apparently my buffing with a microfiber cloth ripped off some of the stitching on top of the shoe! (Specifically, the stitching around the broguing on the top of the captoe of the right foot.) Frankly, it doesn't look good...I had to take a scissor to it...
Any reason why you prefer the Sportsman in Tan? I just picked up the medium travel bag in tan, and was on the fence between the two.
What do you think of the following double monks: https://www.brooksbrothers.com/Peal-Co.%C2%AE-Double-Monk-Straps/MH00194,default,pd.html?dwvar_MH00194_Color=BRWN&contentpos=2&cgid= Are these the C&J Lowndes? Can anyone speak to their quality?
Yup, that's one of the best looking boots I've ever seen. How are you taking care of them? I'm planning on using saphir renovateur for mine with no additional polish.
Can anyone speak to the fit of the Wolverine 744 Ltd in Shell Cordovan? If I'm a 12 D on the AE 5 last (Park Ave, Fifth Ave, Strand) with a relatively narrow foot, (ie, I can close the laces fully with no gap showing on those shoes), would a 12D in the 744 Ltd work, as well?
New Posts  All Forums: