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Don't taper the arms, it will look ridiculous. The sleeve length seems really short, and there's usually not much you can let out.
Quote: Originally Posted by EBugatti Looks like a poorly cut morning coat... from this angle it looks like he's wearing an ultra-long orphaned suit coat that could have belonged to a tall super-thin giant. Sleeves seem too long and very wide. Overall a lousy fit. The sleeves are absolutely fine. I don't see the length issues, and the width is exactly how sleeves should be cut. I may be biased on the last point, however. All my bespoke...
Is it the cotton or wool-silk socks that are the shiniest after washing? I'd like to order some more of the shiny ones. I bought one pair of each, and while the shiny ones are holding up after multiple wears, the dull ones (shrunk ever so slightly after washing - wool/silk?) got a hole in the first time I wore them. I sewed up the hole as they were expensive, only for the other sock to wear through on the very next wearing. The shiny ones are excellent quality for...
Quote: Originally Posted by FELT Is there anybody out there in the UK who has ordered from HY and can comment on the experience with customs? Thinking of ordering trousers but the great price is sadly less great once the various duties are piled on. I have, and yes, you do have to pay VAT before they'll give you the goods.
That's unfortunate as I was only really interested in the cotton trousers, but the 36.5" inseam would be ideal. Is there any chance you would considering offering cotton trousers with unfinished hems? I can't be the only person that would be interested. Surely it couldn't cost much more to produce them in addition to a batch with finished hems, even if it was only in popular sizes?
Is there any chance that for the next batch of trousers you could get some with unfinished hems? Nice trousers, but for a 32" inseam (the average, isn't it?), there isn't enough fabric for SF approved cuffs.
Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness Then your reading comprehension needs work. There is no reason why you cannot "focus on a small number of quality, but versatile items" by shopping on B&S and ebay. That's completely missing the point of what I was saying. I'm not denying that you could do that, but that you shouldn't, and that you only have to look at the WAYWT threat to understand why. I'm not trying to be a dick to people who...
Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness Nothing about having a smaller budget prevents you from doing this. I have no idea what that means.
Quote: Originally Posted by GoldenTribe ^ You could do that, or you could spend it intelligently on eBay and B&S. I've bided my time expanding my wardrobe; I started almost from scratch about two years ago (while in university) and I've spent a little under $15K at this point. My closet is worth more than $80K because I got good deals by NOT rushing into Hermes and dropping 500 bucks on two ties. If you've got $25k to spend, don't do this....
Two bespoke odd jackets (navy, plus a tweed). One bespoke suit (navy). Four or five pairs of MTM trousers in casual fabrics (assorted, but neutral coloured). Seven MTM shirts (light blue and white, a couple with button down collars). Accessories: Two or three conservative ties, white linen PS, purple paisley PS, lots of navy socks, and a solid stick umbrella. Shoes: Black cap toe oxfords, dark brown wingtip derbies, brown suede monkstraps and some dark brown loafers.
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