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I saw this shirt at blackbird and they had a medium left, mind you this was a week ago. You can get into contact with them via
I did p90x this summer and I lost alot of weight. I went from 180 to 158, although after 90 days of it I do feel a bit bored. I'm contemplating in doing the doubles program or doing insanity, which is another beachbody product that seems to be more cardio based.
Osmo claywax and shape maker, they both smell great.
I find that my macbook has been slowing down a tad, so I hope Snow Leopard makes the use of my dual core system with more efficiency.
After playing with both, having an iPhone myself, they have their advantage and disadvantages. A few things I loved with the Blackberry was the speaker phone, it's volume and clarity made the iPhone's feel useless. Mind you I have the 3G model, so the 3GS model might have improved on this. The tactile feel of buttons was very nice and I found that after a few minutes of using the Blackberry (Bold) I was able to type quite fast. With the iPhone, I find the form factor...
Ahh I want to kop these jeans so badly, I hope they come out with another restock in the future, I just bought a pair of flatheads.
I would say get a medium in the rib vest, they looked to be true to size.
Wow, the FourhorseMen's prices for the fall wings+horns pieces are very reasonable.
I must say, I've been very impressed with these the construction and quality of these shirts. I have a chambray one, which is excellent during the summer. Small fit me like a glove and I couldn't be happier with an oxford shirt. I keep hearing good things from BoO, which I'll have to try out one of these days.
I was at Roden Gray this weekend and it was good to see the new f/w collection. I tried on the mk2 field jacket, which was well constructed but fit my body somewhat weird in the shoulders and around my chest. Sadly nothing interested me that much, although the quilted chambray m65 and flannel look promising.
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