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I was just at Roden Gray and got talking about Gitman Vintage stuff with one of the sales associates. He was saying that next week there was going to be some collab event/party displaying a bunch of Gitman apparel. I love these shirts and I can't wait to see what they have to offer.
Just a heads up guys, Roden Gray got a bunch of more Wings+Horns stuff in. They also recevied some Nom de Guerre x Wings+Horns collab stuff, hoodies and some cardigans. I picked up a flannel myself, the material is very soft and it's a more slim/relaxed fit. Although already, there's that flannel linty build up stuff. The varsity jacket was there as well, I tried on the medium and although it fit alright I bet a small would've been better, but the size was gone (not a...
The new slim cut jeans are at if anyone is interested, just came across this place randomly.
I agree with most here in that the t-shirt underneath is somewhat throwing off the look. The shoulders look perfect and the body seems to be good. My only minor gripe would be the sleeves, I guess if the sleeves were a tad thinner (possibly the armpit area being cut higher?) it would look better.
I just got a pair of flathead 3001's from Hide-san in =)
The more I read about this thread, the more I feel compelled to get one. I really could use a new bag right now and feel the 256 is a good size. Although I feel a toss up between the beautiful tan or brown; slightly worried whether the tan would face the elements and retain its colour over time.
I would go with a small. I'm usually a large in a slim fit but the medium tiger fleece from this season fit perfect.
Any note on price ranges? For shirts I love the fit of gitman shirts, they are pricier than the gap/banana republic items but the fit and fabrics are excellent. For sneakers I own a pair of wings+horns lowtop whites and find them great with everything. I was lucky to find a pair on sale and didn't have to pay retail, check out gravity pope, I was there some weeks ago and they had common projects and wings+horns sneakers for sale. The store is based out of Vancouver...
The gap plaid shirts don't look to bad, especially the fall stuff they just released. Although most of the plaids were weird colour combinations. I recall only 2 designs that I liked and can't comment on the fit of the shirts.
The last few seasons Gravity Pope in Vancouver has been stocking the wings+horns jeans. I'm not sure if they're continuing to do so this fall, they haven't received any wings+horns stuff yet.
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