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I find the worst is Boysco, that store never makes you feel welcome. Mind you I would never buy anything from there since they sell CA, Ed Hary, Boss, True Religions and the like. Although they do have a lot of North Face wear that is great for the winter but the staff are so unwelcoming and stare at you as if you're going to steal something.
No problem. Ahh I was a large slim fit last season during the spring, and this season I tried on a medium tiger fleece hoody and it fit perfect. Hope that helps. As for the flannel being warm enough, hopefully it will! I live in BC and the weather has dropped to roughly 2 degrees celsius at night, and I wear the flannel with an AA tee and a W+H hoody on top and it's warm enough for me. Maybe the flannel material being so soft and for the lack of a better word...
Okay so for measurements: Shoulders: 17" Pit-to-pit: 18.5" Length: 29.5" Sleeve length: 24.5" As per request, I attached a few images of the shirt.
Yeah I bought a flannel this season as well and I tried on a medium and although the shoulders fit alright, the body ballooned out somewhat. I tried on a small and it was much better fitting; although the arm holes are cut pretty high but the piece of very comfortable. I guess my only gripe would be the arm holes being a bit too high. For reference I'm a size small in Gitman Vintage shirts, which fit me like a glove. I've purchased the box rib cardigan and found that...
Hey guys! I have an h(y)r collective x gitman vintage red oxford shirt here in a size small. I bought it from Nom De Guerre in New York, it is BNWOT because it simply did not come with one. I have only tried it on around the house and although I love the colour of the shirt, it doesn't fit me the way I like so I'm selling it. When I got it from Nom De Guerre the right sleeve near the cuff had some black dirt marks that looks like it could be easily washed off. Since I...
I just pulled the trigger on the EpauletxSF flannel in Red, I'm damn excited to get it.
A friend and I just ordered one each, a Red for myself and a Purple for him. I can't wait! These shirts look top notch. Thanks Epaulet!!!
Pick up cycling.
Wow that NDG field coat looks great, although I wonder if it'll be warm enough for the weather in Vancouver. We got some a lot more snow last year than usual and the weather drops down low at times. I checked out some NDGxW+H collab stuff (hoodies and cardigans) at Roden Gray, the hoodies especially look top notch. It's a heavy cotton hoodie that's very thick and stitched together great. The shawl cardigans look phenomenal as well but they are quite expensive, leaving...
Wings+Horns flannel in charcoal =) Still looking for a jacket for this season
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