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Hey guys, I just wanted to say that I purchased my first piece of Engineered Garments clothing. It is the field parka in navy and the quality of the coat is amazing. The construction is spot on and the details in it are great. I was randomly trying on different wool coats and found the parka and could not pass it off. The fit was great, materials felt solid and price was awesome. Just wanted to share my excitement in this brand, I will be sure to keep a close eye on...
I believe that Nomad (In Toronto, Canada) has them. http://www.nomadshop.net/main/?p=161 Quote: Originally Posted by titleofauser anyone happen to know where I can find this hoodie: http://www.contextclothing.com/item.php?id=1219 but in Grey, online? I like the hood on this one more than the shawl neck one. thanks!
Wow, there is alot of detail to this jean. Love the look of the buttons and how the inner crotch part is seamed together. These will be hard to pass up.
Wow, seeing laughter95's picture of the tan 256 makes me want to really get one now. There is a ton of room in there for my daily university needs. I hope I can take dmash1080's off his hands. Cheers!
What's the thigh measurement?
Hey Mike! Just got my Epaulet flannel in the red, boy does it fit great. The quality it top notch! I wouldn't hesitate to get anything I need from Epaulet again. Thanks alot! -Ryan
Price drop to $140CAD shipped
The Roden Gray Shop-in-shop is a must checkout if you guys are in the Vancouver area. There's a great selection of shirts from Gitman Vintage.
I recently got some Flathead 3001's and I have bigger thighs. In retrospect I should have sized up to a 32 but the thighs have stretched out comfortably now. I'm 3 weeks into rocking them and they're fading fast. Those Ironhearts look great Seafinch. I'm going to consider Ironhearts as a next jean purchase since they seem to be measured roomier in the thighs, but taper off quite nicely past the knee.
Wings+Horns shawl box cardigan in heather gray Gitman plaid designed shirt from Roden Gray's shop-in-shop Still to get: Wings+Horns quilted chambray m65
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