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I was able to handle the sneakers while at Roden Gray and overall, they're quite nice. The zipper's definitely tough, the inner leather padding on the high tops are really nice - I preferred the black sueded versions to the black leather ones, and the leather laces are great. The sneaker's are double and triple stitched all around; they spent some time designing these sneakers right.
I must be one of the few who're into the high neck on the hoodies. I think they're great for the wintertime and especially when it gets windy - just zip that high and good to go. I guess I just have a thing for the high necks.
I found the jersey crewneck/henley to be definitely thin. I have a couple of henley's from last year's F/W collection (waffle and cotton) and when comparing to the cotton one, the new ones are a little "see-through" when looking at the fabric through a light. As far as the sizing, I was surprised I was a small in the new ones as opposed to the mediums I already own.I was able to make it out to the Wings+Horns launch party at Roden Gray. There was a pretty good turn out and...
S003JP Size 33x36 Waist: 16 Thigh: 11.75 Inseam: 38.5 Hem: 8 Price: $300 including shipping Thanks for looking
S5000BK Size 32x36 with Arcs and Red tag Waist: 16 Thigh: 12.2 Inseam: 38.5 Hem: 8.75 Price: $250 including shipping Thanks for looking
Hey guys, I have a couple of pairs of Samurai Jeans: S5000BK and S003JP. I bought these in the Osaka Samurai store when I was in Japan and they've been sitting in the closet not getting any attention. I do not foresee myself wearing these until the winter time since I'm working on my Flat Heads. Both pairs are BNWT and unsoaked. I will be posting pictures soon. S5000BK Size 32x36 with Arcs and Red tag Waist: 16 Thigh: 12.2 Inseam: 38.5 Hem: 8.75 Asking: $300...
Quote: Originally Posted by Shirt+Pants The chinos I have are from a previous season (SS '10 maybe) which measure approximately 2" more around the waist than the tagged size. I'll read through this thread a bit more and see what I can gather. Thanks for always answering questions man...much appreciated. I had a pair of chinos from SS10, which found to be larger than tagged size as you've stated that I had to sell because they were too big....
Quote: Originally Posted by Dbear Anyone w/ experience on their shoes in the past? How are they? I have a pair of white lows from FW07 I believe, all leather and white. They're still holding up really well, the leather is top notch and is still fairly white despite my denim bleeding on them over the years. I take a magic eraser to them every once in a while and it whitens up the leather. I definitely recommend grabbing a pair! I'm looking...
Down to $200 shipped to Canada and US.
You got that right! The oxford is Gitman Vintage.
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