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very annoying. then i try to use the code and they hit me with "Sorry! Coupons cannot be applied to John Elliott products."
Not sure what's up with their inventory but same thing happened to me last week for a villain.
I had the red flannel and thought it felt as good as any shirt can get for me. Was perfect in all areas, good length and no billowing in waist.
seriously. it seems like theres new nmd cw's every and they all sell out instantly.the white mountaineering 93/17 are probably going to be impossible to get at retail.
looks like nike talarias
if you like outerwear, check out nanamica and white moutaineering
There's a good deal on some Oliver Peoples at Barneys Warehouse, including the xxv model for under 130
Oops code is haven10
extra10 off at haven on sale items
Y-3 retro boost sneakers. Deadstock. $345 pickup for SF Bay Area. $360 shipped for continental US. International buys please contact me for options.
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