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Make sure you have a cover on the tank, they are pretty big on jumping when startled. Besides that a great fish, very peaceful and downright gorgeous.
Can't find many , if more show up they will be posted.
If the original owner remote wiped it he has obviously accepted not getting it back; Apple and Verizon indifference also suggests that this kind of event happens regularly and is no big deal. It seems like you have done all you can, congratulations on your new phone. You shouldn't feel guilty either, you have acted in a manner much better then most of the population would in regards to your efforts, kudos.
I used to have a 20 gallon long setup; 4x24 T5's for lighting and another 20 gallon system (sump) hidden on the bottom of the stand. I had some SPS, LPS and Zooanthids for coral and for fish I had a Yasha Haze Goby and a Helfrichi Firefish. Sadly, I had to take it down because I no longer had the time to take care of it as well as I wanted to. I really do miss it, it was beautiful to look at. I am considering making a 10 gallon tank with just a shrimp, Goby and maybe...
I don't know much in the vein of fine dining in Philadelphia, but the best place I've been to for the traditional cheesesteak is Jim's Steaks on South Street. I would highly recommend it, the steaks are delicious, wide variety of drinks and a nice sitting area upstairs.
If I were you, I would go to a local park and hop into a competitive pick up game to get better before you join a league that would be taken more seriously. Its always best not to make a fool of yourself whenever possible.
Wow carrot weed and Hogweed would be quite a costly mix-up .
There Will Be Tears - Frank Ocean
I would do anything for love (but I won't do that)
Having that as an ornamental plant seems like a terrible idea, although the flower does look almost identical to queen anne's lace.
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