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I am really happy that seven of the last EPL games of the year are being played on tv live in the US. I can still remember a few years ago when you could only watch games on fox soccer for England & Italy and GOAL for Germany & Spain. What seems to be extremely dumb to me is that the Chelsea v Blackburn game is on Speed right after the live Spain GP. When has a GP ever finished exactly on time? I guess they ran out of stations they could use. For anyone in the US here...
I think Newcastle will have to spend some money this summer if they qualify. They need more depth in their squad.
Payback is a bitch.
50 mil well spent.
I saw what Terry did. Bullshit red card.
Barca is down, time for diving on their part....
I'm extremely biased and can't see the game, but was Sanchez being a drama queen there? It is Barca, so I can only assume they roll around as they do best.
Thanks Messi!
Agreed. Drogba is a waste of space and needs to quit that, but he is not as bad as Busquets. At least most Chelsea fans can admit that.
Busquets already up to his usual diving shit.
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