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I wish someone would have done that to him.
^Stephen Hunt kneed him in the head resulting in a depressed skull fracture. Asshole shit ref Mike Riley made him crawl off the pitch to receive treatment for an injury that could have killed him. Since he is a triplet his skull isn't as strong as normal people, so they had him wear the protective cap. I think this was the last season he had to wear it, but I think he will continue to wear it. In the same game the backup keeper was knocked out and John Terry was in...
I will love to see Michael Ballack analyze those games with Steve McManaman and Alexi Lalas.
Cahill is out of the Euros while Terry will be fit. They are calling up Martin Kelly to replace Cahill. England is screwed.
I hope so, but I am waiting for Chelsea to officially announce it. After what happened with Robinho a few years back, I don't trust it until it is official.
He said he made up his mind on twitter about half an hour ago, but did not mention the club. Since he agreed terms with all three clubs, it should not take long to find out.Edit: There are a lot of rumors that he is going to Chelsea.
He played in some carling cup games, at the end of a few games in January, and the last game of the season. I think he will be loaned out next season, which will be great. When we bought Marko Marin it was suggested Lukaku might go to Bremen on loan next season, but it was not confirmed.
How does mediocre equal bad?
Rio is a mediocre defender at best.
I mean EPL, my bad.
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