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Quote: Originally Posted by stickonatree pics or i don't believe it! BR coats fit me huge and i'm the same height Try their monogram line. I have a chesterfield coat from that line and it's nice and slim
Last price drop.
Their hiking socks I've found last a long time. It's their dressier socks that fall apart. Mine are ripping at the top from pulling them up.
Price drop. . .
I would say go for it, I think it's good to have a non traditional solid/stripe suit. I got that suit recently and I think the color is more rust, not a pink. Maybe the light, but I’d check it out again.
For sale is a new pair of Grenson for Rag and Bone Dodger cap toe boots, size 8. The box says the last is 82 and the fit EF. The boots are made by Grenson, and are oxblood leather with a waterproof wool. Price is $265> $250>$237 plus shipping (I ship fedex so it should be around $6-$10, but I can give you an exact amount) via paypal personal payment, if not add 3%. Sale is final. Please ask me any questions. I have excellent feedback on ebay under...
I wouldn't alter BB non-iron shirts. Since they are treated with a non-iron chemical, once you cut the fabric it loses the non-iron properties in that area and looks strange.
Still looking, anyone????
I'm looking for a new RLBL 40S navy blazer. PM me if you have one or know where I could get one. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by FlaneurNYC Are you using tap water to iron? Is there a high mineral content in your water? Try bottled drinking water in the gallon jugs. I used that and I no longer have that sort of problem. I live in DC, which has horrible water, I used the bottle water and it fixed that issue.
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