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Doubt Barca can afford to pay the wages he is being offered, plus I thought Barca had no money.
I do not see Italy beating Germany at all. Then again I have a dislike (maybe irrational) for the Italians because they are so dramatic and the whole match fixing scandals. I am still very confused that Pirlo is only 33, he looks like he is at least 45. As we have all said, his penalty was fantastic.All the teams in the quarter final games looked like they were playing in 2nd gear. France gave up at 60 minutes and Spain gave up after 40. I only saw half of the Italy v...
England parked the bus. People are praising England for doing that, but bitched when Chelsea did it.
You can post your own auctions in the "What I'm selling on ebay" thread. This is not the place to do that.
Torres was only on for about 15 minutes. Balotelli had 1 shot in the 60 or so minutes he was on.
This ref has been pretty poor this game.
Finally Spain is putting a striker on.
Lovely goal for Spain.
The Czech defense is terrible.
Obviously I am a Chelsea fan, but I will say at least John Terry puts his body on the line in every match. Yes, I may be bias, but I did not see the same type of commitment from Rio in the ManU matches I saw this season.
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