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^I have no clue why Real took him on loan. He is too injury prone and I really wonder if he will play much. I wish he could get back to player he used to be before the two injuries, but I really doubt that will ever happen.
We really did miss John Terry's ability to boss around his defense. I do not think we really cared about winning this match for some reason. On a side note, as an American and a Chelsea fan I really dislike Dempsey for his move to spurs. I think spurs will struggle this year since they have gotten rid of their best players and have not really replaced them, but I am quite happy with that.
RVP going to ManU for 24 million: Another waste of money for ManU and more money for Arsenal to sit on.
^ I think they did modify the free kick system. Earlier this year I started playing ultimate team and I can't stand the constant server disconnections. I really hope they fixed some of the server issues. I think you have to start over on your virtual pro. I read that they are storing that data on their servers to stop people from cheating by editing their pro file.
Hazard looked good aside from the time he tried a backheel and failed.
We all know AVB doesn't really know how to handle players he views as "problems" by what he did to Anelka and Alex last year.
They did splash the cash last summer spending almost 58 million pounds, just paid way too much for all of those players.
In other news, AVB was appointed by Spurs. It will be interesting to see what type of players come and go this summer. They need to buy a striker because Defoe is not up to the task.
Meh, my wife was the German fan, I was the Spain one.
Just like Germany quit after Italy's second goal, Italy quit after Spain's second goal.
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