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And most people are perfectly fine with that.
So, Fox's bid was not accepted for the rights to show EPL games from 2013-2016 and NBC is apparently the favorite. I really hope that NBC sports adds a few more channels next year since they also bought the rights to F1. I really wonder what will happen with fox soccer channel next year.
I'm not sure what you are mean with Ashley Cole. Torres has been bad, but he is improving. He was the wrong type of player to buy at the time we did. We were full of older players who were rather selfish and were used to playing with Drogba and his style of play. Throwing him in a system that was broken was never going to end well. Before last season we have not had a creative midfield spark that Mata brought. Torres has had some good games this season, but still...
I watched this game with a number of chelsea fan and there was a table of spurs fans us who were rather loud after they were up 2-1. The shut up after that goal. Mata has been in fantastic form and I hope this continues. Oscar look good once again even making a few good tackles. Ivanovic a diver? That is absolute shit. People fall down. He got right back up not even looking at the ref. Dembele would have annihilated mikel, oscar, and hazard? Right........... I'm...
Ha, the guy's facebook page/comments are quite funny -
I have a Budesliga team in 3-5-2. I got Robben, Gotze, and Javi Martinez in free packs, so went from there. I've been lucky with the players I have pulled this year for some reason with five 87+ players.
Anyone have a stream?
Yup, I do.
I have only played the computer, but does it seem like everyone is really good at dribbling in this FIFA?I'm on PS3 if anyone wants to play.
I think you may be right about Oscar. Ramires could be used to fill that position too with Mikel stays deeper.I think Meireles was unhappy with AVB being sacked and wanted to leave, but it does seem odd that he left this late.
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