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Still a chance....
I think we should have benched Oscar since it seems like he is getting a we bit lost on the pitch. The real bright point is how well Dave is playing. Rafa has seemed to communicated a little bit better to Luiz that he is in fact a defender. At least kept 2 clean sheets in a row.
I think this is a big part of it.What is wrong with Geoff Shreeves? First Ivanovic, now this?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQoOSNe-Obw&feature=related
The sad thing is that there was no one really left. Every time I see Rafa in the training kit I get a shiver down my spine, but it isn't helpful to not back the manager (as much as it pains me to say). The away game at Anfield this year will be interesting. Thankfully Eva is still there. I was reading something about her being let go, but thankfully that is not the case.
This is fucking embarrassing. Why sack Robbie? Really, is a coach going to randomly get us to the knockout stage? No. Now it seems like Rafa is the only choice and that's another fucking joke.
^Cech is not a good captain. With JT & Frank out we lack the experienced leadership which is clear. Honestly, some games we have played with 10 player on the pitch with Torres not really doing anything at all. Especially the West Brom game - he did nothing. I know there is all this talk of Falcao, who is an amazing player, but I would rather get a cheaper player. We have not had a good track record with strikers, so let's not spend a massive fortune on a single...
I don't watch them regularly, so I was basing that on games I've seen and remember from previous season. Clearly you would know much more about them than me.
Seriously, I didn't see the lineup and thought that was Koscielny. I didn't expect that from Vermaelen.In other news, anyone in the US that has Brighthouse cable - they just added beIN yesterday. I'm quite excited to get La Liga back!
^I think he went down a bit too easy. The dive in that video is just embarrassing. And the shit storm continues with Clattenburg being accused of racially abusing Mata and Mikel - http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2012/oct/28/mark-clattenburg-accused-racial-slur-chelsea. I really hope this isn't true or the players misheard him.
Clattenburg was a fucking disgrace. Ashley Young should never get a call like that since everyone knows he is a diver. And what was that call on Torres? And the offside goal? Seriously? This was a fantastic game before the ref ruined it. The result pisses me off to no end, but I'm proud of Cheslea. Down to 9 men and we were still causing problems for United.
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