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But is De Gea really good enough for Barca? Plus I don't see Neuer going anywhere, better than Valdes.
Messi can't touch Torres. Torres' ability to never lose the ball in the box, dribble past defenders, and pin-point shot accuracy puts him league ahead of Messi. Has Messi ever won the Euro golden boot? NOPE.....I agree with Jab's team except I would take Pirlo and put in Mata. It has nothing to do with results, more because I hate Juv and Mata had a fantastic season last year.
I saw this on twitter and it really summed it up - Chelsea win the CL. Juve go a season unbeaten. Bayern reach CL final for second time in 3 years. Dortmund win double. FIFA XI is all La Liga.
And based on our performance today you should laugh.They did not show the foul during the game and I haven't seen it online. However, that player had been rolling around most of the game. I wish the ref would have given cards for the horrible diving. Sadly he gave in to the rolling and gave a yellow card to David Luiz for a light/non-existent foul. Oh well, maybe in a few years we could win it.
We played like absolute shit. It really highlighted the importance of having a DM for us. I don't get why Rafa didn't play Mikel, but who really knows. Mata was shockingly terrible. Moses shouldn't have been starting in this game and Lampard looked like junk.That being said, Corinthians was an absolute embarrassment to football. The constant diving and rolling around on the ground. One player did four complete rotations. Is that how Brazil football is?I do enjoy...
But could he do it in a cold night at Stoke...Kidding, Well done. I don't think I have heard Ray Hudson speechless. At least he couldn't score against Chelsea
At least we were the top scores! Why the hell did Rafa put in Ferreira? His last CL game? I did enjoy seeing Luiz in the position he should be playing - midfielder. idfnl - Thank you for the link!
Messi has a bruised knee. Why did he need a stretcher exactly?
Messi stretchered off.....
The only way to advance is if Chelsea and Shakhtar both win.
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