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Gus Johnson really is a horrible announcer and I'm tired of him. He constantly states facts that really mean nothing. I was at the St Louis Chelsea v City game - I was amazed at the lack of City fans actually singing. Really didn't hear anything.from them at all. In other news - Neymar signed with Barca. It really was the best move for him. He still has much to learn about diving and Barca really know best.
No way I want Fellani at Chelsea. He won't fit into our system and is way too erratic. We need 3 players -striker, dm mid/link player, and CB.
I hope next year refs will no longer be afraid to give calls against united. I love that Nando's stayed open 5 minutes late in honor of Fergie time.
Rosberg followed team orders, but Vettel ignored his team. Vettel was right to pass since he was quicker than Webber. Still shocked Webber actually started the race without losing 3 places. I'm also quite thrilled Alonso crashed himself out like the idiot he is.
Howard Webb is in charge of that game. Anything but a ManU win would be a shocker.This is the same ref who gave John Terry the red card last year in the Champions League semi final at the Camp Nou for a slight knee in the back.
Rafa had a new rant today and was sadly right what he said was right. I wonder if he will actually be there until May... Maybe we will try for the manager treble.
^KPB is also a massive douche.
^Because the US aren't good.
Not to mention his massive wages.I would love Falcao (as anyone would), but with our poor track record of expensive strikers I would be a bit concerned it wouldn't work out. Plus I am not sure if we can really buy him with FFP.
Rafa needs to stop his half time talks, they really aren't helping. Glad to get a win at home. Torres played like shit, but decided to actually try for the last 10 minutes he was on. Honestly, we are really missing Mikel. I still really wonder where we would be this season if we had a decent striker who could actually score.
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